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We have more than 35 years in the construction industry of buildings and civil works. Our team consists of committed and qualified professionals who ensure the execution of projects with the highest quality, efficiency and compliance. We have participated in a wide range of projects that include the construction of outstanding institutional, commercial and infrastructure development works. Learn more about our experience and how we have positioned ourselves as specialists in the construction of rapid works and complex engineering projects, such as buildings with deep excavations and special procedures such as “Up & Down”.

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We develop national management, construction and design management for engineering and architecture projects. We also have a division of construction equipment for the service of own works, their sale and rental.

Management and project management

The technical and economic resources necessary for each of the projects are planned, managed and controlled through a scheme designed to achieve successful executions and with the levels of efficiency, quality and productivity expected by our customers.

Construction of structures, buildings and urban planning works

We plan, execute and control the activities necessary for the construction of structures, buildings and urban planning works. We do this by ensuring that everything is executed according to the construction standards, the designs and specifications provided. In addition, we identify and implement all the necessary actions to deliver the work according to the requirements of each of our clients.

Management of architectural designs and civil engineering technicians

The management and coordination of each project is in the hands of a team of specialized professionals who ensure that each action within the project is carried out in an appropriate manner and that it satisfactorily meets the proposed requirements.

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